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Best Music Collaboration App on Web and IOS Platforms

Hello, stranger! Were you looking for a really useful music collaboration app with tons of functions? Because hey, we got one here! And in this short article, we would like to tell you about it so that you can appreciate it, as our clients Universal and Epidemic Sound have already done. I know, right? These industry monsters are already using Pibox on all cylinders for quite a while, and they should certainly understand something about working with the musician collaboration app.

So, what’s so special about this app for music collaboration? First of all, it is free. It can help you, your team, and your clients work on music together remotely as if you were sitting in the same room. And it’s online, meaning you don’t have to download anything. Yep, it may not sound impressive yet, but let’s dive deeper into these creative waters, and I’ll tell you what it’s all about.

Free Music Collaboration App
music producer review in studio

Pibox is a free music collaboration app, and it lets musicians work together on one platform instead of going through multiple different apps. You know that switching back and forth could be not only time-consuming but also quite expensive, and Pibox is designed to keep the even complex workflows of musician teams productive.

But let’s talk about FREE staff already!

Pibox is a perfect remote music collaboration app for freelance professionals. Why? We have a lot of cool things to help you review, discuss and share creative content. With our Free plan, you can:

  • Upload files of any type and leave comments on audio, video, or photo.
  • Communicate with your teammates or clients in separate chats for each project.
  • Create a checklist for each project or folder with attached files to work on.
  • Create a version tree – two or more files linked in a numbered chain for better navigation
  • Share an unlimited number of any files via a link and individual file system to work with a separate list of files in each folder or project.

What do you mean by “leave comments on audio, video, or photo”? Oh, I’m glad you asked because it’s the tastiest part. First of all, even though it is mainly an app for music collaboration, you can also work with videos or images, so it’s more like an image video music collaboration app actually. And “leave comments” part means that you can literally leave your comment right on content, highlighting even the smallest details.

For example, you can upload your track to Pibox, highlight a few seconds of the audio wave you want to discuss, and add your comment. This dramatically speeds up the process of reviewing and making edits because everyone can see where and what needs to be changed. And this makes us one of the best apps for music collaboration.

Also, in a free plan, you can work on 2 projects, you get 1 GB storage for any files and 2 users to work with, which can be your teammate or a client. Yeah, two people are not exactly a “team” but you can easily add an unlimited number of guest users with limited functionality to the project for free and without creating an account. Just send them a link to your project. It’s that simple. And hey, It’s only a free plan! Check out the other plans with even more features like templates, auto file statuses\forwarding, and dashboards here.

Remote Music Collaboration App

So, what makes Pibox’s platform the best music collaboration app is that it allows musicians to share information and ideas freely and seamlessly. You and your teammates can send messages, screenshots, and sessions to keep track of your progress and discuss everything in chats. It can be extremely useful if you want to meet new creative people, extend your network, and collaborate with someone fantastic musician who lives in a galaxy far, far away, as it usually happens.

Your projects will be available to access wherever you are, as you have a computer or phone with our online music collaboration app and an internet connection.

Online Music Collaboration App

Your workflow’s flexibility and customization directly affect the quality of any project created in a particular musician collaboration app. Because a team of different music professionals like performers, engineers, and producers can create a much better product by working together and taking into account each other’s experience. And such an online song collaboration app as Pibox will help you work on the next banger with your team without ever having to meet in the same room at the same time.

We consider all possible aspects of the communication process when working with audio, which includes not only chat and file sharing. If you have experience working with any song collaboration app, you know how hard it can be to get clear feedback on a particular part of the track. Adding visual and instructional elements to music will help keep you and your team in the loop.

Pibox App iOS
Collaborate on music everywhere

In the end, I would like to put a cherry on our cake. Pibox also works on IOS, and you can use a bunch of useful features using only your phone. Video music collaboration app in your pocket, how cool is that! Let’s see what you get:

  • Leave your comments right on a track audio wave for visualization and a better explanation of needed edits.
  • Comment video files.
  • Communicate in chats, brainstorm, share files and references.
  • Listen and view shared files on the go.
  • Keep your project structured in nested lists.
  • Stay up to date with customizable push notifications.

Wellp, that’s about what I wanted to share with you, dear friend. If you want to learn more, you should go to our site or try Pibox yourself. After all, there’s no better way to understand how an app to collaborate music works than to jump in and dig deep. What’s more, you can try it for free, and it is literally one click away from you. Don’t think, just click it already. C’mon.

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