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Drastically reduce your
media production time
The centralised hub for efficient audio-visual collaboration across teams.
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Trusted by leading companies
Review and approvals
Stop the endless back and forth on email and messengers
Pibox centralizes all comments on your track, resulting in rapid review cycles.
Comment on the waveform
Leave time-stamped comments on the waveform.
Public or private comments
Share your comments with the team or privately with individuals.
Lossless media upload
Work directly on original quality media throughout your project.
No more manual searching for versions and edits
Link your versions to create version chains, enabling seamless comparisons with just one click.
No more manual searching for versions and edits
Link your versions to create version chains, enabling seamless comparisons with just one click.
Keep in the loop
Contextual commenting keeps the team focused on finalising the track.
“Pibox is a huge success for both our producers and composers.
It saves days of back and forth!”
Damien Chock photo
Damien Chock
Senior Director at Universal Music Publishing Group
File management
Collaborative file system
Keep all your files in one place and organize them just the way you want.
File system
File manager
All file formats
File statuses
Unlimited sharing
file formats in pibox
File system
Flexible folder structures so you can organise your files as you like.
“I have a much better overview of things now. And that is causing less stress for me. I know that if I go into Pibox, I sort by my name, I’ll know my entire workload for the day”
Fredrik Jansson photo
Fredrik Jansson
Senior A&R at Epidemic Sound
Keep all conversations in one place with team and private chats
A centralized hub of communication for each project.
Team chats
Collaborate with the whole project team instantly.
Private chats
Send direct messages to refine ideas privately before sharing in public team chats.
Mentions and notifications
Tag specific people to notify them of urgent tasks.
“Before Pibox, our process was genuinely a nightmare because we would use whatever streaming platform, we put it on either Disco or SoundCloud. And literally list the timing codes everywhere.”
Roy Lidstone photo
Roy Lidstone
Power-Haus CEO
Mobile app
Never miss a comment
Review and make comments on the go with our iOS Mobile App.
Pibox Mobile App Demo
Features at your fingertips
Listen to tracks on the go, leave comments, chat, and manage your projects - all available from mobile iOS device.
Loved both by enterprises and creators
Manage multiple teams
Create and manage multiple teams for different productions. Keep it all under one enterprise with separated accesses.
Hassle-free design
Pibox is easy to learn and master, allowing fast onboarding of creators and managers.
API’s, Integrations & customizations
Build your workflow of a dream with our flexible technology. Integrate all your systems to receivetruly end-to-end experience.
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Why teams large and small trust Pibox
less production time spent
ISO-27001 enterprise-grade
security compliant
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