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We Have Won “Better Sound 2020: Services and Sound Start-ups” Award!
< 1 min read

We’re pleased to announce we have received the “Better Sound 2020: Services and Sound Start-ups” award from International Sound Awards! The jury includes representatives from Apple, Pandora, Amazon, Zalando, and many more. Big thanks to all of them!

First of all, at such moments we really grasp we’re on the right track. Towards the Apple Design Awards, haha.

Secondly, we begin to understand the importance of perseverance and faith. We probably made a billion and one mistakes and always knew we were doing something special, even when the market told us: “Hey dudes, good. Get out of the pool!”

It often looked like an obsession, but it was super charged. I love the innocence and faith of our team. So fragile, yet so strong.

Like Frodo, who carries the one ring to the mountain, we wrap our cloaks and carry ourselves onward!


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