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Introducing Pibox Customizable File Statuses Feature
2 min read

Make music collaboration easier and more fun so teams around the globe are able to save time and empower creativity. So, what’s new on Pibox?

We are excited to announce a new feature update to enhance your content management experience. Introducing customizable file statuses! Now you can easily keep track of the progress of each content piece and streamline your workflow.

Here’s what you need to know:

  • Set up 15 different statuses: With customizable file statuses, you have the freedom to create up to 15 unique statuses to match your team’s workflow. Whether it’s “Waiting review,” “Revision requested,” or “Approved,” you can assign the statuses that best represent each stage.
  • Access the special tab in settings: To manage your file statuses, simply head to the special tab located in the settings. From there, you can create, modify, and organize your statuses according to your preferences.
  • Color-coded statuses for visual clarity: Enhance your workflow management by assigning colors to your statuses. For example, you can choose red for “rejected,” yellow for “in progress,” and green for “approved.” These visual cues will help you quickly identify the status of each task, ensuring you don’t miss any important updates.
  • Status automation for time-saving efficiency: We understand that time is valuable. That’s why we’ve included status automation. You can now choose a default status for all newly created files, saving time and enabling you to prioritize your stages effectively.

Don’t miss out on these powerful new features! Try our Team Plan for free to take advantage of customizable file statuses and streamline your content production.

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