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Speed up your audio content approval with the new Pibox music collaboration app functionality
3 min read

Pibox is the leading communication tool for the music industry, powering fast and hassle-free collaboration for audio creators. Our music collaboration app was designed to combine communication and cloud tools into one system so that the users don’t need to switch between various channels and purchase several subscriptions.

Adding easy-to-share Review and Demo links to its functionality aligns with what Pibox stands for — streamlining team communication and enabling prompt feedback from clients and stakeholders. From now on, Pibox users can receive clients’ critiques without leaving their project and not involving other services. Reviewer’s comments straight on the wave get the confusion out of the way, drastically reduce the time spent explaining technical details, and simply bring your project to the finish line faster.

And the best part — creating links to share content in the Pibox music collaboration app will take just a few clicks. In a few more clicks, you’ll also have configured permissions and expiration dates. That’s it. Now you can give access to your video or audio tracks to anyone from within Pibox or outside the team. They can view, listen, comment, and download the content for free. Unlimited.

A shareable link in Pibox can now be used in two ways:

As a Review link, which is particularly handy if you have colleagues outside the company without a Pibox account. After a simplified registration, these users can:

  • comment on media (audio/picture/video) files, just like regular users, but without logging into the project;
  • see all the comments on the file, and their comments will be marked with a special “External user” icon.
    As a Pibox project member, with the Review link, you can set the:

1) File download options

2) Commenting permissions (if disabled, the file itself and all comments on it will be visible without the possibility of leaving a new comment)

3) Changing the file status permissions (resolving comments)

4) Link expiration date in 1 hour/8 hours/1 day/7 days

As a Demo link. We’ve taken the presentation of your work in the Pibox app for music collaboration to a new level.

1) The file-sharing page has gotten a new design

2) We’ve added a video preview and pictures of shared files

3) For audio, we’ve improved the player on the page, added a wave view of the track, and more player controls.

We’ve also upgraded the functionality to create a viewing window:

1) Added a possibility to set link expiration in 1 hour/8 hours/1 day/7 days

2) Added a setting to disable the download button if you want to show a file to an external user but do not allow the download.

Before, you could share a page with a download button and a simple player for audio files. Now, you can share and set up a page with an outstanding design, a customizable file download button, and an audio/picture/video preview. This way, your demo will get just the presentation it needs for a profound impact on your clients and stakeholders.

For you to quickly manage all created share links and control the data security within the company, we’ve also added the Link management tab to our music collaboration app. If you go to the file in your Pibox music collaboration app, at the top of the screen, you’ll be able to select the Links tab.This tab displays all created links in the project and the following data on each of them:

1) Creation date

2) Link creator’s name

3) Number of unique hits

4) Link type (Demo, Review)

5) Link switch (on/off)

6) Button for removing the link and its settings

While other features of link management are self-explanatory, let’s zoom in on the link switch specifically.

In case you send a link to someone and then realize you want to fine-tune the project a bit more, you can use the on/off switch to disable the link. This way, it won’t be accessible to the client anymore. Once you’re finished with your work, you can re-enable the link maintaining the previous settings or adjusting them as necessary.

Try new Pibox features that can accelerate your production process and enable your most creative ideas to come to fruition.

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