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Pibox Updates: Guest Role and the “Mute” Button
2 min read

Hey! We are happy to announce that we have a lot of fresh product updates that will make your collaboration experience even better. First of all, it’s about the new “Guest” role, user management, design, and chat features. Check out the details below!

  • New “Guest” role

Now you can add an unlimited number of Guest Users for free and without any limits by sharing access links with them or adding by email address. A guest is a user (which can be your client) who has a right to outline or comment on shared content and chat inside any Project. The purpose of the Guest status is to enable quick review and assessment of the created and shared content.

  • The updated window for adding users to the project:

In addition to a slightly updated design, we added guest support, the ability to delete a user directly from the modal window, and made the flow more user-friendly. Now, when adding a member using an email address, you can select their role – guest or member. Also, choose between the same options for the link that you will share to give access.

  • New “Mute” button

We know how hard it can be to focus on work sometimes. At such moments, notifications are especially annoying and every sound can easily knock you out of the flow. That’s why we added the Mute button. It allows you to turn off notifications in the project for a specific time. After this time has elapsed, notifications will be enabled again, so you can work calmly for the time you need without being distracted.

  • Added a quick scroll button

Don’t want to spend time on endless scrolling in chats? We’ve added a “down” button. Oh yes, this little detail will save you a lot of time and effort. It appears in the chat if you scroll the chat history up, and it instantly takes you to the very bottom of the chat when clicked. Pibox cares about your knuckles and mouse wheels.

Try out new features
and enjoy the latest updates with Pibox! Our team is relentlessly working to enhance your experience and streamline your collaborative efforts. Stay tuned for more upcoming improvements and exciting functionalities!

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