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Pibox Rolls Out Its New, Streamlined Mini Player
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Whether audio production is a serious hobby or a critical part of your job, Pibox’s platform exists to make your life easier. And now with its new, chicly updated Mini Player, Pibox can make your Playback Flow, collaboration efforts, and over even better. Each of the Mini Player’s new features are thoughtfully engineered to save you time by streamlining tasks and delivering an intuitive user experience. The new and improved Pibox has a lot to offer, including updates that let you skip the hassle of communicating with collaborators over email and wasting time looking for old versions of audio.

Let’s get into it.

Automatic Audio-Save

Pibox’s new Mini Player is a great addition to the app, engineered to make your life easier. Now, when closing the app, the Mini Player automatically saves the last position you left it, allowing you to get back to work quicker. This new feature is designed to save you time and stress, as when you open the app again, it will take you directly to the spot where you left off. Additionally, after closing the audio page, the Mini Player now appears in the header of the application, clearly displaying the exact position of the track you stopped at. This new and improved feature is sure to make a difference in your workflow.

Comparison Between Versions in Real Time

The Updated Mini Player allows you to seamlessly switch between the new version of an audio file and the original through the Waveform Comment window. This update optimizes your workflow by allowing you to instantly toggle between and compare audio files in real-time. By using this feature, you can easily evaluate the differences between the two files and identify the best version for your project. With this new update, you are now able to save time, as well as produce work of the highest quality.

The New RAW Button Provides Instant Access to Your Original Audio Files

The added “RAW” button becomes active if the audio file has been compressed on the server to reduce the network load. It provides playback of the original audio without needing to download and listen separately. This is hugely helpful for listening to the quality of the final mixed version of a file. Note that this feature does not apply to AIF files because their original quality cannot be played back by the browser, so they will always be played compressed.

Instant File Recall and an Improved Player Design

With a new list-view of play buttons, you’ll be able to pull up a specific audio file instantly simply by pressing the play button located in the files view. Clicking on the correct track located in the Mini Player now opens a Comment Window, which allows for quick edits and commenting. Furthermore, the new look and design of the player offers an incredible user experience with a sleek and modern look and feel. The improved visuals and user interface are sure to make your audio playback experience more enjoyable.

Pibox is an invaluable asset for any audio workflow; its new features make it even more powerful! Whether you’re creating movie trailers, producing music, or editing sound for podcasts, Pibox has you covered. The latest set of new features make it an even better option for audio professionals, giving you more control and flexibility than ever before. It’s the perfect way to streamline and improve your audio workflow.

Have you already tested the New Pibox Mini Player? If not, head over to Pibox to give it a try.

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