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Introducing the Pibox iOS app! How can your creative business benefit from it?
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Being flexible, agile, and innovative is no longer a luxury but an absolute necessity in today’s highly competitive creative market. The companies are looking for all-in-one solutions that could serve as the backbone of their workflow with content creators.

The Pibox team knows everything about the creative process and how stressful it could be when not properly organized. We understand how crucial the exchange between creativity, technology and business innovations is. That’s why we’ve created Pibox – a single solution to speed up the team’s creative content production.

The biggest creative production companies like Epidemic Sound, Universal Production  Music, Sony, Red Bull and 100+ teams from the USA, Canada, and European Union trust Pibox.

With Pibox, teams can monitor every production stage step-by-step, locate issues, and nip them in the bud by instantly bringing them up for discussion via communication channels.

All files are transferred and structured within the service, which reduces upload and download time.

Instead of having catalog managers, and rights managers involved in the process, A&Rs now manage almost everything themselves in Pibox. This significantly helps reduce the turnaround times and cut down costs.

Universal Production Music used to work with 8+ tools such as Box/Dropbox, FTP/ WireDrive/ FileMaker, Email, Trello/MusicGateway, and Excel to wrap up a single project. That meant hours of switching between different channels, not to mention the subscription fees. Pibox has become a combination of a communication service, a review platform, cloud storage, and a data gatherer for the company.

As per Google‘s Consumer Insights, 75% of people say their smartphones make them more productive. iPass reports that almost 90% of people have checked their smartphones in bed for work-related purposes. So the Pibox team knew we needed to give our users an at-hand tool to manage projects on the go.

“When we launched Pibox on the web, we were already thinking about bringing the power of our collaboration platform to iPhone. We wanted to give our users even more flexibility and control over how they work on creative projects”,
says Ivan Talaychuk, Co-founder of Pibox.

So today, we’re introducing our first version of Pibox Collaboration for iOS. While Pibox on the web still has full functionality, the Pibox app brings the basic features of Pibox right to your phone. It’s the first step into the future of the Pibox mobile experience.

Pibox iOS app offers an easy way to upload content, review & comment right on the wave, create your projects and chat with your colleagues. It is an all-in-one workspace on the go, whether you’re working in the office, walking into a meeting, or traveling.

“The Pibox app is extremely useful in helping me review audio while on the road. My team loves the time-based commenting. Without Pibox, our review process would take 10 times longer and be far less accurate”.
says our customer Peter Atkinson, Director of The Merry Beggars

With the Pibox iOS app, you can:

  • Be on the move and listen to the tracks your colleagues or clients shared with you. Almost like listening to Spotify but for work
  • Comment right on the audio wave or a specific frame to illustrate your ideas more clearly.
  • Create a range-based comment. To see the range from other people, press “play” inside the comment section.
  • Check the file statuses on your project’s “Files” page.
  • Upload a video or an audio file from your phone’s Files app. Yeah, you can comment on the shared files and share yours on the go!
  • Use the “Chat” function and communicate seamlessly with your team.
  • Speed up your team’s creative content production via collaboration with other reviewers in a fun&creative environment.
  • Create new teams and projects to organize your workflow easily.
  • Import files from Any App to Pibox for a creative collaboration process. Choose your favorite Messenger, Cloud Storage, File Management or even Voice Memos App and move your file into creative collaboration mode
  • Stay up-to-date with push notifications – never miss new files uploaded, chat messages, or file status changes again.

Ensure your team stays synchronized and never misses updates or feedback on projects with the Pibox Collaboration app - available for free on the App Store now!

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