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Introducing an Exciting New Pibox Feature: Private Commenting
2 min read

Pibox exists to make your job easier, whether you’re a sound engineer at a record label or a producer on a podcast. Media professionals of all stripes turn to us to save time and stress during collaboration, and the good news is that our music collaboration app just got even better.

Introducing private commenting

Our new admin-only commenting feature gives you the power to hide comments from the rest of the team you’re working with or anyone else with access to your project file. Pibox has always given users the power to comment directly to audio waveforms and video files, but with private comments, you can now choose exactly what information you’d like to share with your team and what you’d rather keep to yourself.

This new tool is easy to use and a huge help whether you want to keep technical jargon hidden from clients on unfinished projects or private feedback from collaborators. Our commenting feature is one of the biggest reasons creatives at Universal Music, Epidemic Sound, Power-Haus Creative rely on Pibox, and the new added private setting will be sure to improve audio, video, and image production workflows even more.

How to use Pibox’s new private commenting feature

  • To post a private comment, start by selecting an audio file.
  • Then, select inside the track where you’d like to comment. At the bottom of the screen, you’ll find a comment box with the default text “add comment for all.”
  • To post a private comment, click on the lock icon on the right side of your screen. Once the lock icon is highlighted in purple, your comments will be hidden from everyone with access to the audio file other than other owners/admins.
  • To return to the normal mode for commenting that makes notes visible to everyone, click on the lock icon again.

Our new private commenting feature allows only users with the role of “Admin” and/or “Owner” to send and view comments. These comments are highlighted in purple and marked with a lock icon in front of the commenter’s name. On waveform audio, these comments are highlighted with a purple wrap around the user’s avatar.

The Private Comments Feature is currently available on Pibox’s Team plan.

Unlock the full potential of Pibox using a 14-day Team Plan Trial. No card is required, please feel free to cancel anytime.

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