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Best Music Collaboration Experience With Pibox

When it comes to music collaboration, Pibox is there to bring your workflow to another level. It provides all the tools you need to work on your audio files and communicate with your team and clients. We know that when great ideas grace you, you need to develop and share them right away instead of going through multiple steps just to communicate. So, if you ever dreamed about a handy combination of Dropbox, Trello and Asana to make music, then here it is.

Best music collaboration experience in Pibox
With Pibox, you can:
  • Multiply the speed of content review and creation;
  • Connect your favourite services to enchant workflow;
  • Automate routine tasks with ready-made templates;
  • Manage your project statuses and check all production processes;
  • Get rid of a bunch of unnecessary apps and services;
  • Save your cash and effort.

The best thing here is that you can add comments directly on the audiotrack accentuating even the smallest details. Yep, our music collaboration app lets you highlight specific sections of tracks and leave the feedback at exact points. I know, right? This feature is great for remote music collaboration because it adds visual and instructional elements to music that keep you and your team in the loop.

But let’s start from the very beginning and talk about each particular segment.

How Pibox improves online music collaboration
How Pibox Improves Online Music Collaboration

Pibox allows you to chat with the team, share screenshots and other files of any format, discuss edits and brainstorm together. Create different chats for separate teams or topics, or use private one-on-one conversations.

Each chat has its own storage of shared files, and you can easily find the one you need. In addition, files from the chat can be conveniently organized into folders or attached to specific tasks in to-do lists.

File Storage and Management

Store, manage, and share files without having to leave the platform. Different packages offer 1GB, 100GB, 1TB, or even more space to keep all your files at your fingertips. Finalizing and submitting all the files in the proper order is the ending point of each production process. Keeping content structured lets you see how the result fits the initial inquiry. A file system lets you work with separate lists of files in each chat, folder or project. Also, check the list of all of your files that were ever shared without any folders. Download them as a ZIP archive or share the link. And the best part – people with who you shared the link don’t need to sign up to check out the content!

To-Do Lists and File Statuses

Create to-do lists in each chat, project, or folder and attach files to any task in it. To make it even easier to track progress and keep the team on one page, Pibox lets you create a version tree simply linking two or more files into a numbered chain. Each file has its own status, which can be changed to “waiting for review” or “approved”.

To avoid cluttering up your workspace, completed projects can be quickly archived and unarchived back if needed. Want to have some project or instruction in front of the whole team? Just pin it to the top of the chat so that everybody can see it.

To-do lists and file statuses in Pibox
Automation Right in Your App

Any workflow sooner or later needs to be optimized, especially when it comes to large teams or a large number of projects. Pibox lets you choose or customize the status that all newly uploaded files will receive automatically. Also, set your uploaded files to be automatically forwarded to any of your projects. Don’t waste your time on a monotonous routine!

If you have the same tasks repeated from project to project, create one detailed to-do list and save it as a template. Want more features and functions? Use flexible APIs together with Pibox and customize your workflow the way you want.

Pibox will change the way you approach online music collaboration forever. It is designed to keep even the most complex projects with diverse teams of experts running smoothly and efficiently. Large music production companies must process multiple tracks daily, and working with many tools simultaneously means hours of switching between different channels, not to mention the subscription fees. That’s why such giants of the music industry as Universal Production Music and Epidemic Sound are already taking full advantage of Pibox’s benefits.

Team communication is the Pibox superpower – this is why it works so well for creative industries. Every team member can break every track down, second by second, leaving notes and suggestions for everyone to see and getting instant feedback. In addition to these improvements to the production process, Pibox is easy to learn and master, so your team and clients can get down to business without wasting time. According to Universal Production Music, this app saved the studio’s producers days and even weeks of work.

Having replaced a whole bunch of applications, Pibox became a one-for-all communication and creativity platform, allowing music industry experts of all kinds to create more new, unique and high-quality tracks faster and cheaper. Now it’s your turn to try because the best music collaboration experience is just one click away.

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