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Pibox music collaboration app enhances work communication with Slack integration
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Pull all the tools together to get more work done

Many companies across the globe have distributed creative teams — colleagues access the systems and collaborate with creators remotely daily. This often leads to fragmented and inefficient communication as well as uncoordinated and overwhelming work processes.

Slack was one of the first disruptive tools to unify corporate communications among teams worldwide. Due to the simplicity and friendliness of the interface, the company took the industry by storm and became the go-to communication tool for creatives.

When the Pibox music collaboration app came into existence, we considered the challenges that audio and music teams faced, the main of them being efficient audio & video production management. Music creators used several platforms for storing files, discussing and getting feedback, and managing production tasks.

We solved these challenges by bringing all audio and related file formats into one place, providing the ability to discuss audio files directly on the sound wave, and creating an ecosystem for convenient project management on the go.

With Slack’s goal to sync distributed teams’ minds, we figured it would be only logical to integrate Pibox with Slack.

Keep track of what’s happening anytime, anywhere

From now on, you and your Slack team can stay up to date with what’s happening in Pibox in real time and instantly switch to collaboration if needed.

If you spend the majority of your workday on Slack, you can get in-app notifications when someone in your Pibox team:

  • Leaves comments or replies in a file
  • Sends a chat message
  • Mentions you
  • Uploads a new file
  • Changes a file status
  • Joins or leaves a project where you’re a member
  • Joins or leaves the team where you’re an admin

What’s cool is that you can set up all of these notifications directly from Slack’s homepage. Simply launch the Pibox music collaboration app in Slack, and then select what kind of activities you want to know about. You can also opt out of certain updates if they’re not relevant to you at the moment.

  • With communication notifications, you’ll always be one click away from what requires your attention in the Pibox music collaboration app. Never miss a chat message, a comment, a reply, or a mention again. Or ignore some of the communications like you couldn’t before.
  • With project status updates, you can monitor every production stage step-by-step, rank the tasks according to urgency and plan your workload accordingly. You’ll see which team member has started or finished working on a file and instantly know what needs to be done from your side — if the file is ready for approval or a new file is waiting for your review.
  • Team status updates will inform you about member activity in your projects or teams. You’ll be notified when someone has joined or left a project or a team. This way, you can ensure they sign up following your invitation.

We’re thrilled that from now on, you can combine Slack and the Pibox music collaboration app solutions to form a single ecosystem and accelerate your content production. Whatever type of notifications in Slack you choose to opt for, your projects will progress even more swiftly with this new integration. We’re sure of it.

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